One day while on my way to work, as soon as I got on the bridge it was as if the sun literally met me in my face and it felt like the daybreak was saying, “I’m here!”

It woke me up like someone pouring lukewarm water on my face 1st thing in the morning then wiping it off with the softest towel. I felt like I could go into the day with a fresh start and “go-getter” attitude.

Before then, the color of “Monday morning” looked blue. Dark clouds in the sky can sometimes change the mood of how you feel and put you in an emotional state that will make you be in mourning instead of the “morning.”

(Psalms 30:5) says, “One may experience sorrow during the night, but joy arrives in the morning.”

One thing we all must realize is the “day” is always ready for us to experience it. There will always be situations, things, and matters that will try to put shade in your lit place but the “morning” reminds us that joy is there 1st.

I hope that you too will experience a “daybreak,” of some kind of light to replace things that have been dim. No matter how long that “dim place” has been! The enemy can’t and won’t keep it in the dark. Don’t let your mind stay in the sunken place…LIGHT UP YOUR MIND and see the breaking of the day!


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